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Monday, January 29, 2001



Tomorrow will be the last pat at the club Butter. Alas, the Tuesday
weekly known as Music Lovers must come to a close. Please join a
special "SwanSong" edition of Music Lovers on Tuesday, 1.30.01.

Shane and I will be sharing the decks with Joe Lanzon during the closing
hours through to 2am. Full information below...scroll down.


A recent wave of positive(ly) accurate party people press! At long
last! I realize that of the many types of raves, the "dotcom by day,
raver by night" has been the sub-group that has sucked me in. Up with
eccentric geniouses!

From SF Weekly, an article featuring the tech-geek/raver-geek overlap.

From USA Today, another
article featuring the tech/raver equasion, with a special focus on the Urban Wasteland party that almost was...*sigh*


Okay party people in the house.

5families and Psybertropik Communications presents

-- SwanSong, Our last soiret, tues 1.30.01 --

Live Performance by Partnerships
With djs Smurx, John Rodriguez, Jonas, Joe Lanzon, Amber & Shane

We thank you for your continued support.

Butter, 354 11th st., SF, CA
21+, no cover, cheep drinkies

Info: 415.430.7046

Tuesday, January 16, 2001



Long-time subscribers to this list might recall that Scott Foresman
Publishing collected some of my photos for possible inclusion in a Sixth
grade music textbook, including a section on DJs. (Check the Topica
Archive on Oct. 20th for the original message or scroll to the bottom
for a copy of the original text.)

Well, I'm sad to report that the section on DJs was cut due to an
"overabundance in pages." Fiddlesticks.

No photos were harmed in the making of this disappointment.


This Saturday will be a very small, very wierd party presented by
Radiant Atmospheres--a crew usually responsible for the raging lighting
effects at your favorite parties.

Shane and I will get a second chance at ambient tomfoolery...two to
three hours of music! And since this is hosted at a private live/work
loft, this party just might make it to the morning. Whew.

Tickets are $10, and are available ONLY by meeting crew members at
appointed workplaces and events this week. (Oh, SO underground.

Easy ticket pickups can be made:

- Tuesday, 1/16: MAD HATTER. 120 11th St. Oakland @ the Bench and Bar.
9pm - 2am.
- Wednesday & Thursday 1/17-1/18: ZEITGEIST BAR. Valencia & Duboce, SF.
After 6pm.
- IMPACT LIGHTING, SF. During weekday business hours.


Hello everyone.....this is the newest update for the party. Check it

January 20th 2001
Radiant Atmospheres Presents:
: 2001 :
starting @ 9pm and going till morning.

Chris Bishop (sub-mother-unification-signal)
> Plateshifter (overworld/friends n' family)
> > Andre Lucero (urban development/soundworks)
> > > Ethan Miller (friends n' family)
> > > > Forest Green (cloudfactory/abstract communications network/sister)
> > > > >Ki Hong (cloudfactory/abstract communications network)

*side room with refreshing beverages and fruit provided with ambient

Caliban (fnf/cf)
> Shane and Amber (epiphany/cf)
> > Ebbnflow (Connected)...*live set*
> > > Ken Quigley (Hatcha/Primal Records)
> > > >Canton (Baku)

Tickets will be available at Impact Lighting, & via hooking up to

Stay tuned for more information by calling the R.A.: voicemail:



...Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new winner in the category of
but cool things that have happened to me thanks to my DJing." This
morning, I find this e-mail in my inbox:

"I am doing photo research on a set of gradeschool music textbooks for
Scott Foresman Publishing. In on section of the grade six book they are
talking about modern music genres and have a section on DJs. They have
specifically requested to have a photo of you in the book. I was hoping
you might have one you could send me that you like that we could use for
printing. Any photo would be returned."

Sixth grade music textbook??! My photo was "specifically requested"??
Hee hee hee hooooo hohoho. Oh man, this is good stuff. I'll keep you
posted on the outcome of my swing toward a Ph.D. in Bass-icology.

Friday, January 05, 2001



And the bombs just keep on droppin'.

Our first entry for "Retrospecticus 2001: Weird things that happened to Amber in 2001" is a new press feature covering *many* local talents. This is an exciting one, because the magazine is the world-famous "Jockey Slut"--a UK mag on tunes, clubbing, and more.

Jockey Slut Magazine:
The issue cover:
The article (note: 150k) :

Why am I so excited? Let me count the ways:

1. A photo of me, playing the violin, is included in the article.
2. A link to my housemate's *prolific* collection of Chillits photos--the man is a digi-cam freak--is in the article:
C@weasl: and hear his tunes at
3. Great press for Cloudfactory:
4. A hearty mention to Brian Behlendorf: If you, like Jockey Slut, haven't heard of him, do a simple websearch and you'll blow your noodle.


Does heavy industrial construction equipment turn you on? Are your prepared to trespass on former navy property? Do you wish to understand the true nature of RENEGADE?

Urban Wasteland is returning to the barren industrial terrain, and this time the construction crews in charge are *lending a hand!* For this renegade, if we're going down for "johnny law", they want to come with us!

Urban Wasteland presents LOCAL 510!
vm: 510.594.4000x217

Featuring *three rooms* of DJs including:

Forest Green (Sister/Organized Chaos/Cloudfactory/ACN)
Seraphim (SisterSF/
Re ACH (Overworld/Static/RGS) vs. Shane (Epiphany/
SirNod (Cloudfactory/Friends & Family/Urban Wasteland)
Anuerysm (Switchcraft/[]/SloLeak)
Brian Behlendorf (Cloudfactory/Friends & Family)
caliban (noc noc/Cloudfactory/Friends & Family)

...and oh so many more, including Shane and me teaming up on our usual "anything goes" chill set...

more info to come as the day approaches.


January 20th 2001
Radiant Atmospheres Presents: : 2001 :
starting @ 9pm and going till morning.

Chris Bishop (sub-mother-unification-signal)
Plateshifter (overworld/friends n' family)
Andre Lucero (urban development/soundworks)
Ethan Miller (friends n' family)
Forest Green (cloudfactory/abstract communications network)
Ki Hong (cloudfactory/abstract communications network)
*side room with refreshing beverages and fruit provided with ambient score:
Featuring Shane and Amber, plus more to be announced.

Stay tuned for more information.

Wednesday, January 03, 2001



Recently on the Epiphany crew list, we were sharing tales of our "media
presence"--things various crew members had done to get into the press
(newspapers, tv, etc.) My $0.02 (two-cents) to the thread made me realize
the many things I've done in my life that made me say "woah, how did I get
such a silly life?" With this question in mind, I present you with
"Retrospecticus 2000: Top Five Weird Things In 2000 That Have Made Amber
'Amber'" (in no particular order.)

1. Professor Amber. June 2000. Guest lectured at UCLA.
2. Reverend Amber. Ordained Reverend with the Universal Life Church.
Wedded a couple here in SF, and then DJd at their reception.
3. Superstar DJ Amber. Flown to Toronto, Canada to spin at a small underground.
4. Amber "Willie Wonka" Nixon. Submitted winning ice-cream name
suggestion. Dryers Dreamery "Coney Island Waffle Cone" released in
September 2000.
5. Media mentions like,

I won't be DJing this New Year's Eve--my heart forever belongs to the
annual Cloud Factory New Year's Eve event, and that's where I'll be. This
event is beyond sold-out, so if you have tickets I'll see you there, and if
you don't have tickets, have a fabulous NYE wherever you may be.


Urban Wasteland will host a much-anticipated (and I REALLY mean that)
follow up to the miraculious "Cranium" party. (See pics at: )

If you thought their last renegade was a prime military-style maneuver,
wait until you see this trespassing renegade...with *three rooms.*

Local 510
Saturday, January 13th

Shane and I will be sharing our special brand of chill at this party,
hosted by the incomparable Urban Wasteland crew. More info to come...


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