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Thursday, January 31, 2002



Pictures from the Epiphany crew 3-year anniversary night at Ascension.


SF IndieFest, jeff ross and Sir Nod present:
DARK CITY: The Dark Side of Techno, Trance, Drum and Bass

Friday February 1st, 9p-2a
at Studio Z (formerly the Transmission Theater)
314 11th Street at Folsom
21up, $10 at the door....

Front Room (in order): Shane, Amber, Terrac, Sir Nod, R3 ACH
Back Room: Jawa, Fernando, Ritter Gluck

DARK CITY is presented as an After Party for the US Premiere of SOUTHWEST 9, the new film by the makers of HUMAN TRAFFIC. Filmmakers and stars of the film are flying in from England to attend the screening and after party. Attendees to the 715p screening of SOUTHWEST 9 get into DARK CITY for free with their movie stub.
more info


Later that same night...Friday, February 1st:
Aranji: a monthly event presented by orangeAge


KEMICAL KIDD - detailing a lifelong endeavor to translate
ancient, forgotten manuscripts in to modern wordless dialogue.
NUUK - this story is true, only the moniker has been changed
to project the inner stance.
AMBER - as ripples expand outward on the pond's surface, you
realize that the future is merely echoes of the past.
JEFF RICHMOND - sometimes the wrapping can be just as
entertaining as the gift.
J:MIAH - this one is not necessarily on time, but jesus
regularly calls him for advice.


SRINIVAS, FERHAN & FRIENDS - sitar, tabla & vocal..
all you need are rhythm and melody.


KRESCENT - she doesn't fish the stream of creativity, it
runs straight through her.
MARK JONES - light along with sound are common waste
byproducts of intense chemical and physical reactions.
ROB FLOWERS - secretly planning to blow up the whole world,
in that nice sort of way.

Club Six, 60 Sixth Street, San Francisco
$10 cover, 21+,


SISTER at Betalounge: SISTER SF Residents return to Betalounge for
online grooves. Tune in and listen live!
Thurs. 1/31. 8pm-midnight

<:> 8-9pm XJS
<:> 9-10pm Amber
<:> 10-11pm Seraphim
<:> 11-12am Polywog


Thursday, January 31st. 9pm - 1:30am. Food, drink, screenings, and DJs
Amber and Shane. Get festival ticket and event information online at the SF Indie Fest site.

In addition to showing great films the SF Indie Film Fest is known for
rockin' parties. The Opening Night Gala will feature complimentary food
and drink, short film screenings, art by local artists and DJ sets from
DJs Shane (Cloud Factory/DNA) and Amber (Sister SF/DNA).

The party will run from 9p-2a and is included with an IndiePass, the
all-fest pass, and with your ticket to the Opening Night film EVER SINCE
THE WORLD ENDED by local filmmakers Calum Grant and Joshua Litle. You
can also upgrade your tickets to the 5p SHORT FILM SAMPLER PLATER and
the 9:30p screening of PARTY 7 to include a ticket to the party, so come
down and join the many local and visiting filmmakers in attendance. 21
up only, please.

Thursday, January 24, 2002



Thanks in large part to the folks I've met through Sandwiches and DNA
Lounge I'm making more moves that have me playing for the local
goth/industrial scene. Dance music and industrial have long shared
roots, and the sound of one is an awful lot like the other. It's just
that neither side cares to admit it... ;) I'm on from about 1am -

Friday, January 25th

DJs Fernando, Devon, and Guests
gothic - industrial - synthpop

9pm - 3am, 21+ w/ID - $7
@ 747 Clementina
between Folsom and Howard
near 8th and 9th
San Francisco
...Also B-day for Tracy

Wednesday, January 23, 2002



Admit it. Going out with a date Valentine's Day night is always a
disappointment--so go with the sure thing for a memorable night.

SISTER SF and d:CODE present WE LIKE BOYS III on Thursday, February
14th, 2002, ST. VALENTINE'S NIGHT. Sister SF resident DJs (2x4) male DJs
IN DRAG, including headliner DISCO D back in the Bay for the first time
since his last mind-blowing appearance at DNA LOUNGE.

Visit Sister online and DNA Lounge online for more info.


The first of what is hopefully many rounds of site updates were
completed recently. Most all the updates have already been posted on
the I Hate Amber mailing list as my commentary (you hear it there first!)
But here's a summary of highlights:

- Ambervision photo gallery updated
- Updated Acid Phonk webiste added to blackbook (links)
- Technostate set added to "Wicked Sets" section


This THURSDAY, JANUARY 24th at BLAKE'S in Berkeley...
ASCENSION presents a night of music from CLOUD FACTORY.

The CLOUD FACTORY collective will bring
it on this Thursday at ASCENSION. Cloud Factory has been putting on
events that celebrate the "electronic arts" for over seven years
throughout the Bay Area and well beyond--come see what it's all about!

DJs for the night are:

- Amber [ Cloud Factory, Sister SF ]
- DJ Stonie [ Cloud Factory ]
- Curls [ Cloud Factory ]

2367 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley. 9pm - 2/3am, $5 - 21+, $7 18-20.
Full Bar, Free Water, friendly professional staff, redecorated! . 510.873.7730

Wednesday, January 16, 2002



I added and edited pictures in the "various" directory for 2001. You
may need to refresh your browser to get the newest page. See it here.


If you are interested in caravaning, or meeting up, for my gig in Reno
this Friday, please reply and we can figure something out. I've heard
nothing but great things about this event--good people, packed house,
ready-to-dance vibe. I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, January 18th
Euphoric Dreams Productions presents...

A weekly after-hours event.

Nocturnal Bliss is held each Friday at THE STOCK EXCHANGE
535 E. 4th Street. Reno, NV. 3am - 8am!

Join Resident DJ's Chrim & Waks plus special guest:

Amber (Sister - SF, DNA Lounge - SF)

Sunday, January 13, 2002



As I expected, n:CODE was relatively empty on January 3rd (NYE is to
blame, of course.) The night called for pure techno, so I packed some
true-blue techno along with my regular fare and hit the club. My mood,
the night, the people, and the tracks all came together and the end
result was a set that sent me to heaven!

Archives of DNA Lounge sets are always available for streaming for two
weeks after the event here.

Scroll to January 3rd and click on 11:00, I start only a few minutes
in. I have also saved the source mp3 and will be handing it around as a
small demo soon. Yes!


January 12th, Saturday: SISTER at Buzz 9

A *new* SISTER Residency: The third friday of every month, SISTER
showcases funky grooves a this red hot new spot!

Seraphim (12:40am - 2:00am)
Amber (11:20pm - 12:40am)
Queen Agnes B (10:00pm - 11:20pm)

Buzz 9, 139 8th @ Minna, SF. 10pm-2am, 21+ with ID, $5.

Join the SISTER SF mailing list for a weekly update of events featuring
SISTER DJs. To subscribe, send a blank email to

Wednesday, January 02, 2002



Thursdays at DNA just keep on truckin'. I'll be there this Thursday,
playing along with another CODE resident Ghreg On Earth (psytrance), and
headlining is Joe Lanzon. You may recognize Joe's name from his long
residency in the lounge of Future Fridays or his many house sets. But,
surprise!, he'll be laying on the techno tomorrow--which he has
confessed is his preferred genre. Atta-boy!

DNA Lounge presents CODE each Thursday, as n:CODE and d:CODE.

n:CODE || tekno - psytrance - industrial
|| displaying n:CODE sequence for 01.03.02

|Joe Lanzon [ Future Fridays ]
|Amber [ CODE . Sister SF ]
|Ghreg On Earth [ CODE . Phosphene ]

IN THE INDUSTRIAL LOUNGE: Fernando [ Assimilate ]

Online Flyer
Live webcasting with separate audio and video feeds

DNA LOUNGE . 375 11th Street . SF
n:CODE: tekno . psytrance . pounding beatz. industrial.
9pm - after hours. 21+ with ID.
free before 10pm. $5 < 11pm. $7 after.


The good news is: List subscription to "I Hate Amber" has passed 300! I'm forever amazed that the list grows and grows. Thanks to everyone.
The bad news is: My KZSU Winter Solstice set, which I was so happy with, did not record properly. If *anyone* got a good recording of it please get in touch.


As if NYE 2000 pics weren't enough, here's last year as well!
(A little dark, but you get the idea.)


Long story short: I knew this set existed but it perished on a fried
motherboard. I guess it was saved, because I recently found it while
just websurfing. What a great suprise--so here you go.

This set was recorded on May 5, 1999 (wow!) from a live Technostate
webcast. If nothing else, check it out to hear Forest Green introduce
me. I laugh every time. This set was recorded only one month after I
taped my original promo "iamthedj"--you'll notice a lot of the same
tracks here, but with a few other classics I don't even own anymore. Ah,

Here is the set.(This link may not be up forever, download if you wanna keep it.)


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